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Oct 2016

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for making my riding holiday with you SO wonderful! I had the best time and Turkan was such a gent. I'm already looking at when I can come next (if you'll have me back! :)) Have a great week!

Sarah P

Sept 2016

Dear Anne, Derek, Stacey, Kaylee, Mike & Amanda! I'm now back home and have struggled through my first day back in the office...all I could think about was the absolutely amazing time I had with you at FRH! You really do have something special in Mas de Clamouse! Despite being the only guest for the first couple of nights with you and it being my first holiday on my own, not at any point did I feel alone! You were all so, so welcoming and I felt like more I was on holiday with friends - so thank you! For my first riding holiday, you have really set the bar high!! The rides were all fantastic, definitely challenging in 100% the right way! (And mentally challenging too with some of those steep hills!) I'd love to be able to tell you which ride was my favourite but I don't think I can choose! The TREC course was really good fun and I don't think I'll forget the canter back dodging the trees any time soon, or cantering the verges on the way back from a couple of the rides! The picnic ride was perfect too... sitting under the tree watching the horses relax was just brilliant! I learned so much from Stacey and Kaylee. From not really knowing how to tack up on my first day, to having the confidence to tack up by myself by the last, everyone was so willing to help me learn more about riding and working with the horses, your knowledge and experience is inspiring! THANK YOU! Thank you so so much and I really hope I get the chance to stay again soon! I'd love to receive your newsletter and stay updated on what you're up to. Hopefully I'll be bringing that Argentinian polo team to see you one day! ;) Thank you again for probably my best holiday yet!

Chrissie and John

Sept 2016

Hi Anne Just to say a big thank you to you and Derek and the team for another lovely riding break.


July 2016

I can't believe it's been a whole month since my fantastic holiday with you. I really enjoyed it, perhaps even more than ever, and I keep thinking back to lovely rides, beautiful horses and stunning French countryside, and wondering if I can wait a whole year before I return. Best of all was the company of you all - I really enjoyed spending time with everyone, it does feel like I'm staying with good friends. It was great riding with Stacey and Kaylee, you are both excellent company and brilliant riders and I had some of the best ever rides with you both. It is always a treat to ride with Derek, Anne and Amanda, so the Rally Ride was perfect and felt really special to be included in this village event. It was really good to get to know Turkan and very special to be allowed to ride the youngsters - I can't wait to see how Bandit matures, I think he will quickly become a favourite. Stacey - thank you so much for letting me ride your beautiful Islena, I was really touched as I know how much she means to you. I hope you like the drawing of her, I really enjoyed doing it. Thank you everyone - Derek, Anne, Amanda, Stacey, Kaylee and Mike - for another brilliant holiday and for making me feel so welcome and so at home.

Caroline G

July 2016

Hello Anne! As always I just wanted to say a big thank you for having me (and my parents) over the last couple of days. Even though it was a very short trip you always manage to make it feel like a second home, with particularly fantastic food!! I hope you're able to get some help in the kitchen and that everything over this next season goes well!

Liz P

May 2016

Dear Derek, Anne, Amanda and Stacey Thank you for the opportunity to experience some fabulous riding, beautiful horses, first class food and interesting company in the Pyrenees. I thoroughly enjoyed my week's stay and I look forward to undertaking a trail ride next year. I may even manage to persuade Rob to bring his motor bike over before that!! It was great to meet you all and the horses and hope that business continues to thrive.

Catherine T

May 2016

Dear Derek, Anne, Amanda and Stacey Thank you for a wonderful few days, the location was wonderful, the riding amazing and the food delicious and you were all so welcoming. I mustn't forget Whiskey for being so suited to me! I have already said to friends at home that I am thinking of my next holiday with you already. Thank you so much I have some amazing memories and I look forward to seeing you all soon.


November 2015

Thank you all for being so wonderful and giving me such a great time last week. Your home is like a wonderful retreat where the other worries of the world disappear! I returned to London feeling so much happier. Everyone you have working there is utterly charming. Such a credit to you both.

Chris, Gerry and Philippa

Belcastel Trail Ride October 2015

We have spent last week saying " this time last week we were ......" and diving for photographic evidence to prove to ourselves that we were really those intrepid bodies placing all our trust in Derek and his amazing horses! Thank you so much for the ride of a lifetime (that is until the next one)! Our friends and neighbours are no doubt avoiding us so as not to hear yet again of our tales of dramatic ups and downs, thunderstorms, plus belles villages, et gastronic delights that we experienced. It was really quite wonderful, accepting our horses as the experts and letting them take us places and heights undreamed of!! Im sorry Derek, but you have given us such an amazing time that we just have to come back!

Howard and Myrna

Belcastel trail ride October 2015

Others have said it all before - but this trail ride was superbly well organised and the backup, food, and riding was really good. We keep returning (since 2008) 2-3 times a year! Never disappointed. Thank you all.


Belcastel Trail Ride October 2015

Amazing trail ride - best memory of cantering across the top of the hills in a thunderstorm. Would trust Whisky with my life. Thanks Derek, Anne and the girls

Debbie and Ally

August 2015

Thank you for helping me to improve my riding. I have learnt alot. Thank you Derek, Anne, Louise and especially Stacey and Kym for putting up with me everyday!

Pia and Thomas from Sweden

July 2015

Dear Anne, Derek, Amanda, Molly, Stacey, Jeremy and Lilly. We had an absolutely fabulous week at Mas De Clamouze! Words are not enough to describe the experience. We love your horses, food, company, the rides and the setting. What more to wish for we cannot imagine. See you again soon.

Howard and Myrna

June 2015

Safely home from our second short break with you this year, and happy as we always are after a top up tonic at FRH. See you all again later in the year, looking forward to yet more friendship, food, horses and good company. Sincere thanks to all, both staff and fellow guests.

Polly Watt from London

June 2015

Fabulous horses, fabulous food, and fabulous people. Thanks for a wonderful week and hope to be back soon xxx

David and Stacey from Scotland

June 2015

Amazing horses, food, wine and people! So good we stayed for a few extra days. We'll definitely be back and we will bring some beer!

Marie, Lisa, Eva, Ritva and Lisa from Sweden

June 2015

Thank you for this lovely week. Your fantastic horses, very delicious food, nice sun and swimming pool. We really enjoyed your hospitality and the other guests.

Elvira and Waldemar from Moldova

June 2015

Cant decide what i enjoyed more : the food or the riding! :)

Melinda and Richard from Kenya

May 2015

A really lovely time. Little Atal was just perfect and the rides gorgeous. Lovely food and great company. We will be back! Richard says lovely spot, good people gub and horses.

David Findlay

October 2014

Another great visit! Thanks to everyone for a perfect short visit - all too short. I really enjoyed riding Cirrus, Atal, and our canters through the forest.


October 2014

Thank you all for an amazing 3 days holiday! The riding, company, and food have been second to none. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and for looking after me. My first riding holiday and now Im definitely hooked.

Bronach and Rebecca

September 2014

Perfect in every way - we will be back and thank you to everyone.

Charlotte and Juliet

September 2014

As always, truly wonderful. My wonderful Nelson is still as gorgeous as ever, Love my Nelson. See you all again VERY soon xxx

Jenny and Colin

September 2014

Just amazing, the horses, people, food and of course the dogs! Could not have wished for a better holiday. Thanks to everyone we will be back.

the lovely Meike - our favourite German

August 2014

My fifth time! Still amazed!! And apparently still the only German! Thanks again for everything Derek, Anne and Amanda

Liz and Ellie

August 2014

Another wonderful time at FRH. We absolutely loved it, everything and every moment of it! Not enough adjectives to describe it. We were so delighted to meet Howard and Myrna, and the three musketeers too. Hilarious you always have such interesting people coming to stay! Love to the girls for all their help, and gorgeous food, and love to all the horses especially River and Whisky. Ellie says to Derek, please dont sell River until she has saved up enough money! :-). Love to you all and there is really nothing to compare to FRH.

Claire and Kirsty

August 2014

I just wanted to say thank you so much for another great holiday! You made us all feel so welcome. Although I missed my lovely Oracle, it was really good to ride new horses ( I think Cirrus could be the new favourite!) and Kirsty loved riding Turkan. The food was as delicious as we remembered from last time, and the beauty and peace of the countryside as enchanting as ever - what more could you ask for. Please thank Stacey and Eszter for taking us out on such lovely rides. Not a suprise that everyone staying at the time had been before. Im sure we will be back again too.

Name: Jessica

August 2014

Thank you for an amazing holiday Anne and Derek. This was my 16th birthday present and it was the best present I could have asked for. It certainly wont be the last time here, I will be back!

Alison and Will

July 2014

The riding was fabulous, the hosts and helpers were friendly and we want to come back. Thank you for a wonderful holiday.

Sandy and Grizelda

June 2014

Fabulous as ever. Thank you Derek Anne, Amanda and Tilly for a wonderful holiday.. Only fair to warn you we will be back.


May 2014

We wanted to say how much we both enjoyed our holiday with you. You and Derek and Tilly and Molly and Amanda were great. So were the horses and the food was excellent. I was not surprised when I read the comments in your visitors' book. What I would have been surprised at would have been anyone not having the same experience as ours. I don't think you could have chosen a better area for a riding holiday. There was natural beauty and variety every day. I was particularly impressed by the professionalism of you and Derek and the other members of your staff. It gave us great confidence - as you know Rong and I are not very experienced and we appreciated the feeling of being with experts.

Pauline and Colin

May 2014

I hope by not hearing from us you didnt think we hadnt enjoyed ourselves as we certainly had. It was lovely as usual and you did tailor the riding to our requirements. Tilley & Molly were a joy to go out hacking with and Kelly was attentive whilst around the gite. It was lovely being waited upon! I know Heather and Tina also enjoyed themselves. We hope all is going well and you have a good season despite that meaning being busy. Keep up the good work and keep the news letters coming.


May 2014

Thank you so much for an amazing few days , wish it could have been more. Riding with Derek cantering and and galloping has given me the confidence to ride my own horse out on her own cantering through fields, something I haven't done for years. Your holiday put the fun back in riding for me. The horses are all super . I rode the sure footed confidence giving Kym she was all I could have asked for. Brilliant.


April 2014

Amazing Amazing Amazing. Just a quick note having arrived back safely to thank Derek, Anne, Tilly, Kelli, Amanda for a super horse experience. So much more than just a riding holiday. The perfect formula. Ali and I have learned so much. We did so much more in a week than we have ever done before. This surpassed the ranch holiday in America five years ago - and that was great! Thank you so much for the time and the opportunities!. Send my best to Carter.


April 2014

Thank you for the great time we spent with you last week. I really loved it, it was really fun, and the riding is amazing. Anne - thank you for the fabulous cooking, and we are going to try them here from Lucy's cookbook of course! Kelli - thank you for helping with the horses, for cooking the brownies with Nicole as they were really nice, and we are going to make some at home. Tilly - although you were on holiday for some of the time, I was really glad that the ride we did with you we did not get lost, and we made it home.. Also the funny moments when you went out with a cowboy hat. Derek - thanks for taking us out on wonderful rides in the beautiful countryside. You have my word that I am going to come out and hlep you when I am older if that is alright with you and Anne.


April 2014

It was a very sad journey leaving your stables. Thank you so much to all of you, I learned alot in just two days. Derek thank you so much for putting me on Mithral. You taught me so much. You taught me that technique is very important, and now i definitely feel more confident riding the fast ponies down at my local stables. You taught me how to get a horse to listen to me, and that a pulling contest is pointless, as the horse will always win! Anne - thanks for all the delicious food and cosy accomodation. Your gite is lovely to stay in, and has a great atmosphere. Anne's ride, that i did with Tilly on my last day had amazing views like you said. Tilly Thanks for letting me tack up and groom Mithral You helped me with the rides, and race with you on the final day was so much fun. Kelli - You helped me so much with the tacking up and grooming of the horses. This part is as important as riding for me. It was amazing watching you and Derek start Bandit in 27 minutes! You are so good with horses. Amanda - your food was so good. The ride I did with you and Colin was so much fun, the best part was probably that fast canter across the open field! Thank you everyone it was the best holiday I have ever been on.

Juliet and Ian, Nicole and Rebecca

April 2014

Thank you again .. the third time, our spiritual home! Love to Nelson who is a horse in a million.. Thanks too, to everyone, you are all amazing.. See you all soon!

Caroline and Sally from Australia

Feb 2014

Thank you so much to Anne, Derek, Amanda and Kelli for making our stay here so enjoyable. Your hospitality, the horses, and the scenery all added together to make this one of the most enjoyable weeks of our life, however a week wasnt nearly long enough!The food was fantastic every meal, and the various rides pushed us to our limits and improved our ability. Im sure you will see us again in the near future.

Juliet and Ian

Feb 2014

Thank you again! The only thing that makes going home slighty bearable is that we are back in 6 weeks! Love our Nelson and Indiana, and cant wait until Easter!


October 2013

Thank you so much for a fabuloso holiday, we absolutely loved it and the girls are overwhelmed with how great everything was. I really hope all goes well on the trail ride - Wish I could come. Lots of love and thanks also to Amanda and Danielle - we love them too! I cant believe how much laughing we did, and that is the best therapy in the world. THANK YOU!


October 2013

I just wanted to drop you a message to a say a big thanks to both of you, as well as Danielle and Amanda. I had very little idea what i had let myself in for. However, whatever my expectations might have been, they were most definitely exceeded and I had a brilliant time despite River's best efforts to put me off (hahaha). I would be very suprised if you dont see me agin at some point next year and I shall be sure to recommend you whenver an opportunity arises. Still smiling despite being back at work. All the best.

Claire and Kirsty

October 2013

We just wanted to say thank you for the most perfect holiday we had with you! We loved the riding and your beautiful horses, the scenery around Asprieres is wonderful and course we were so lucky with the weather. please send our thanks to Amanda and Danielle, as well for the fantastic food, you all made us feel very welcome. We will be back!!


October 2013

Very many thanks for another great time riding, fantastic food and good company. I certainly felt as if I had been away for ages and as the weather has been gloomy here since we got back it is nice to think back on the great weekend.

Name: Joy Kennedy from Australia

Date: October 2013

Thank you all for a great time. I was included at short notice with Rosemary as a non rider but I had 3 rides, and managed a canter. Fantastic time, terrific food and company. I rejuvenated here. Made me feel very welcome. Good luck to all in your future endeavours. Joy.

Rose Kennedy from Australia

Date: August 2013

Magnificent scenery, wonderful well cared for horses, great food, and great company. What more could one want? Thank you all for a wonderful holiday, and allowing us to stay for some extra days. I was so excited about coming here, and this place has exceeded expectations. Thank you to all four of you for making us so welcome, and giving us such a wonderful and relaxing time xxx

Kelly from London

September 2013

I have had such a wonderful time!! Everyone here is so friendly and mazing at what they do! I will stay in touch and Amanda please keep your promise of giving Nino a kiss from me everyday! Thank you so much (particularly for the cross country) Kelly xxx PS thank you for my tshirt

Alison from London

September 2013

Many thanks for your welcome hospitality and great atmosphere and that was for the horses! Its been a wonderful stay and thanks for making my first time back in the saddle after 30 years so much fun, and for making me feel relaxed with the lovely Altal.

Name: Joanne and Carol

Date: August 2013

Dear Anne and Derek, just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at French Riding Holidays.

We had a fabulous time. We got a lot out of being able to ride three days in a row, and with the help of instruction from Celine, we think we have improved slightly and have definitely gained some confidence. I very much enjoyed the chance to ride three if your horses - Cirrus, Capitol and Whisky. My favourite was Cirrus, what a sweetheart!!

Special praise should go to Celine (her instruction is given with such energy and fun), Kerry (food to die for) and Emma (lovely gentle natured girl who took us on our last ride and made it the best of the holiday).

I can understand why so many of your guests return time after time. We are already talking about when we can come again. Thank you so much.

Name: Maria and Shaelin Bishop

Date: August 2013

Thank-you Derek, Anne and every one at French Riding Holidays (including River and Whiskey). We had a wonderful time and despite the long distance from Canada, Shaelin and I are determined to come back and be "regulars" as the house, the food, the friendly atmosphere, the riding, the scenery and all the great people combined to be a highlight of our travels through through France.

Name: Alex, Emma, Peter and Charlotte - Guernsey

Date: 20th July 2013

I loved this place and will miss it so much thank you :) xx Charlotte

Thankyou we had a lovely time - perfect family holiday! We will be back :)! PS... Rob, the green drink did work!!

Name: Juliet, Ian, Rebecca And Nicole

Date: 10 -17 July 2013

Our first of what will be many many visits. Absolutely fabulous and we're going home full of wonderful food and fabulous memories. Nelson - you are my number one - I love you! Cuddles to Altal, Virtusoe, Whisky, Voyou, Neige and Kim!! See you all and the lovely dogs and humans soon!! Juliet

Name: John Tyler

Date: July 2013

I have just returned from my seventh holiday at French Riding Holidays. I look forward from one holiday here to the next with great anticipation and I am never disappointed. To ride through the unspoilt countryside at this time of year is magical with a proliferation of butterflies nectaring on the pathside verges and so many species of bird to be seen. Red Kites are always circling: colourful Jays fill whole hedgerows and exotic birds like the Houppe migrate from sub Saharan Africa to have young right next to the gite. The wonderful countryside is only one of many reasons why eople return time and time again. Derek and Anne have created such a wonderful holiday environment that they make every visitor feel special: Derek is an outstanding horseman with a great ability to suit horses to riders and Anne has a caring attention to detail and a great knack of attracting fine young people to act as helpers. I can only say to them: please continue to do what you do so well because if you ever decide to retire I might loose the motivation to keep up the riding lessons!

Name: Tracey, Margaret and Lyn from Cornwall & Devon

Date: 9th - 14th June 2013

We've had such a great 5 days, fabulous riding on lovely horses, amazing scenery and lovely food and good compnay. Thank you all so very much x Highly Recommended

Name:Colin Brown

Date: June 2013

Thank you Derek & Anne, Herle, Celine for once again a fabulous holiday, the horses were spot on, the food excellent as usual, just hoping a 72 year old can still keep riding for a few years yet and enjoy everything you offer at French Riding Holidays.

Name:Amanda and Jonathan

Date: June 2013

Dear Anne, Derek, Celine, Herle and Kerry. Thank you all SO much for another wonderful holiday with you! We had a truly amazing time :-) Suffice to say we are already planning how soon we can arrange to return - 18 months is just too long! Thank you for teaming us up with our much loved Oracle and Nelson, for the bottle of bubbly to help celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, for planning such great rides, for ensuring we had the beds for those feet just have to hang over the end!, for lighting up the wood burning stove to dry off our wet riding gear, for copious amounts of fab food and wine and most importantly for being you - the people who take such care to ensure your riding holidays are the best ever!

Name: Mandy Islam

Date: June 2013

A massive thank you for a brilliant week or so away. This is a must for all riders keen to enjoy fabulous horses, countryside and exceptional hospitality. I arrived knowing virtually nothing (horsey) and left with confidence met with significant progress. This is without doubt testament to your skills, intuition and horsemanship. Looking forward to next year!

Name: Jan & Ellen

Date: 31st May 2013

A massive thank you to you all for our wonderful holiday, we enjoyed every minute of it, the glorious food and wine (think I've gained a few pounds) super horses, those that i rode were all very sweet, obviously Nino will need extra hugs, pleae ask Herle to take care of that for me. Very homely accommodation, my bed was so comfy I really could of stayed in it longer. Beautiful countryside everywhere and great company with you all and all the guests especially Tina, Gwyn, Cathy and Katie who we will keep in contact with, you knows if you're very unlucky you may get us all together next time for the whole week!

Name: Catherine, Yorkshire

Date: 20 - 25th May

Lovely horses, wonderful countryside to ride in and great hosts. Anne, Derek, Herle & Kerry Thank you very much for making me so welcome.

Name: Sanski, Virpi, Paula, Leina, Anne, Marjo, Inka & Pia from Finland

Date: 16th - 19th May 2013

Great journey once again! Excellent routes, views horses and food. Big hugs and thanks to all!

Name: Tina, Watford

Date: May 2013

Thank you so much for another fantastic week, wonderful horses and thanks to Celine, Herle & Molly. See you next year (if not before!)

Name: Colin & Pauline, Watford, Herts

Date: 5th - 12th May 2013

Again a wonderful holiday - looking forward to returning. Thank you Anne, Derek, Celine, Herle & Molly

Name: Tracy, from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Date: April 2013

I feel fortunate to have chosen to spend my first riding holiday here - Thank you so much for making it so pleasurable!

Name: Zip & Roseanne, London

Date: 8th April 2013

What a wonderful way to spend a few days out of London - the horses were brilliant as were Celine, Derek, Herle and Anne. The food was a particular highlight - we'll be back!

Name: Donna, Phil & Bridget from Wales

Date: 4th April 2013

Thank you all for an amazing time. The Horses - Nelson, Nino and Oracle were brilliant and we could have taken them home with us. The food was brilliant, the weather mixed from sunny days to cold and then wet but all in all a great time

Name: Maria Hedge

Date: 6 November 2012

Good morning Anne, Derek, Louise, Hurle (apologies if I have spelt your name wrong) and Dougie, Bertie, Ash, Matilda and all of the lovely horses of course. Thank you all again for another fantastic holiday and for just being you. Lovely riding, perfect horses, wonderful food and great company. You even made it rain so we felt at home! I only have one complaint.. we forgot the packed lunch so made the massive mistake of eating something on the plane! See you all again next year. Take care all of you Maria

Name: Myrna and Howard Weetman

Date: 4 November 2012

Thank you Derek, Anne, Louise and Celine for a wonderful first 'Trail Ride' in the Lot and Cele valleys. This holiday was outstanding even by FRH standards. The route was all interesting, beautiful and was exciting in places. Derek's map reading was spot on and the whole organisation worked extremely well. The horses were the stars of the show especially considering that the terrain was new to them. Considering the excellence of the food we are surprised not to have gained weight. Thanks too to our fellow guests for their good company.

Name: Xavier Duff and Jenny Taaffe

Date: 30 October 2012

Here we are back home in Melbourne, our french riding holiday and overseas trip now just a memory, although a very pleasant one at that. We just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful holiday with you in Asprieres. We did not know quite what to expect when we arrived but whatever expectations we had they were exceeded bigtime. The riding, the food, the countryside, the weather, the company were all just fantastic. It was so nice to just relax and not have to do anything, such a contrast to our normally very busy life here at home. We can't thank you, Karen, Louise, Herle, Amanda and Celine enough for your attentive and generous hospitality. As for the horses we couldn't ask for better. The riding was spectacular and so unlike anything we would expereince here in Australia. We hope we can come back sometime and are very jealous of the Brits who can just pop over there for a week or two. All the best Xavier, Jenny and Greta

Name: Chris and Gerry

Date: 5-12 October 2012

We are addicted! What an amazing week - we have run out of superlatives that might describe the whole horse and down-time experience. All we can do is thank everybody (human, equine and canine) for another wonderful holiday. We brought two friends, new to FRH - the word is spreading. So it's when can we come back next year? Thank you Mithral for that fantastic gallop, Solo for the wonderful trotting (and some canters and gallops) , Tiffany for being a "princess" River for your fun and Oracle for being Chris' soul-mate. Derek, Anne, Louise and Herle for your hospitality, care and shared knowledge. Love Chris and Gerry

Name: Angie Grimes

Date: 24 October 2012

I just wanted to say once again thank you for giving Jill and I such a lovely time, you run a truly wonderful place, and I am already trying to look when I can come out again. I really enjoyed riding both Solo and Kym, and it was lovely meeting Amanda and Herle, and riding out with them. I have played down just a little bit what a great time I had though, when talking to my horsey friends, as I want to keep you all to myself!

Name: Richard and Becks

Date: 14th Septyember 2012

Well what can we say...... another amazing week with you that passed so quickly. On arrival it was like we had never been away and yet in the blink of an eye it was time to leave you again. Thank you so much for always filling our time with such memorable experiences. Such a thrilling ride to Druhl, taking on the cross country course and being trusted to take Virtuoso into the big wide world and watching him learn. A final ride full of fast canters and ditch jumping (thanks Derek) to finish the week was a very fitting finale. Derek, Anne, Karen and Herle......... we could never really put into words what we think of you and FRH. It's always so much more than a holiday and neither think we could wait a year to come again.

Name: Pam Wilde

Date: 21st September 2012

Thanks for yet another great holiday. Once again a brilliant time with great rides, great food and hospitality and the opportunity to catch up with 'the team' and renew old acquaintances. Sorry to upset anyone but the horses were once again the stars of the show - especially Cirrus - thanks for letting me try out Virtuoso! Looking forward to doing it all again in 2013

Name: Greta, Jenny and Xavier, Melbourne, Australia

Date: 27th September 2012

Where to begin? The past few days have just been amazing. Better than we ever could have imagined. The horses, the people, the food, was all brilliant. Riding through the countryside on horseback was great. We'll certainly be back at some point.....

Name: Amanda Smith

Date: 24th September 2012

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone for a fabulous week once again (9th visit). The combination of fantastic horses, challenging terrain, good food, wine, great company and brilliant guides has once again left me chomping at the bit to book my next visit. Special mention to Herle, Molly and Celine for their riding tips and keeping us safe. Anne, Karen, louise, Derek and the other guests for their great company and food/wine and of course the horses esp Nino, Oracle, River, Indianna, Voyeur and Kym. One thing I have learnt however is not to ride with a hangover!! See you soon

Name: Kate Fraser, Milton Keynes

Date: 26 August 2012

Thank you so much for making our riding holiday last week really enjoyable. We loved the laid back atmosphere, and the way we were made to feel welcome in and around the gite and the stables by all the FRH team. The food was excellent and plentiful (I couldn't believe how hungry I was despite the hot weather), the accomodation very clean and comfortable, the company - staff and guests - stimulating and invigorating, the scenery breath-taking and the horses simply amazing - responsive, sure-footed and a joy to ride. I particularly appreciated the thought put in to which horses Honor and I should ride, given her inexperience and my lack of confidence, and the kind and supportive advice and the excellent instruction given to us both. Honor has been regaling to all and sundry how 'Derek deliberately stopped by the alfalfa field - Kym's favourite food!' and how Celine wanted her to ride like ' Charlie Chaplin'. For me, riding first Cirrus, then Oracle, and then the beautiful Tiffany (with a brief River interlude) provided the perfect antidote curve to my nerves. There were too many wonderful moments and rides to list them all, but two that stick in my mind were the late afternoon down by the cross country course, drinking a beer on horseback and jumping for the first time in a long while, and Honor's face after her first proper canter. We will be back! Kate and Honor x

Name: Frances Jebb, Newtownards, N Ireland

Date: 4th september 2012

When you get Champagne on your arrival with cake - very knowledgeable horse people, kindness, quality horses - you are talking 'French Riding Holidays' You are amazing. Fantastic riding holiday thank you so much. We'll be back!!!

Name: Linda and Tor

Date: 3rd September 2012

A fabulous weekend break - exceeded all expectations. Wonderful hospitality, wonderful horses - thanks to all for everyones hard work.

Name: Matthew Lilley

Date: 1st September 2012

I had a great time staying here, made us feel very welcome and even got persuaded to ride Neige!! Thank you for your hospitality x

Name: Sue Holden

Date: September 2012

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!!! Nothing else to say x x x

Name: Sara Holden Age 12

Date: 25/8/2012 - 1/9/2012

A great holiday, enjoyed it so much i dont want to leave. Pembroke was a star for me and so were all of the other horses I rode. Thanks so much to all the team and Herle especially. Miss you all alot but will see you in February x x x x

Name: Laura Steed and Kim McColl

Date: 18/8 - 26/8/2012

Dear Anne Derek et al, thank you all for the most amazing holiday, kim and I both had a fantastic time with you and will defintely be back perhaps with her parents. The whole package is so very well planned whether it's the daily rides out or the amazing picnics. Everyone works so very hard and the care of the horses is absolutely paramount. Please could you send me Whiskey I am in love! Derek thank you so much for taking time with Kim, she had the holiday of her dreams. Special thanks to Louise and Karen for catering so well for Kim-I have never seen her eat so well. Hope to see you all again as soon as possible. With love and very best wishes to everyone.

Name: Lucinda and Paul, Ireland

Date: 21/08/2012

Thanks so much to everyone for making our holiday so special. We learned so much and our confidence grew a huge amount during the week. Beautiful, spirited, happy horses who are so well cared for - its fantastic to see. We loved every minute of it, especially the picnics! We'll definately be back but in the meantime can I take Tiffany home please??!!

Name: Pippa and Emma Campbell

Date: 13/08/2012

Another brilliant week (our 3rd!) Emma has loved riding the 'Tricky' ponies - i have actually managed to ride horses other than Kommodor, I loved Cirrus and Solo - Thanks for giving me the courage to get on him and to jump him on the cross country course - never thought i could (and would) do that. Derek, Anne, Louise, Karen, Chris, Herle and Lily - thanks for a fab week - we will be back next year.

Name: Dawn, Dave and Elisha, Cumbria, England

Date: 03/08/2012

Thanks for a fabulous holiday. The staff are brilliant, food excellent, the riding is suberb and words cannot describe the horses. A great big thank you to everyone for making our holiday so good. Our expectations have been totally exceeded and we cannot wait to return next year!!

Name: Stephanie, Barry and Dean Brown. Newport Beach, Sydney, Australia

Date: 27/07/2012

Words can't express how grateful we are for giving us such a wonderful time! Huge thank you to each and everyone of you for going out of your way to make our stay so enjoyable. The service is indeed personalised - the trip to Villefranche so appreciated. The people, the horses, the food, the rides - all beyond our expectations! Thank you and see you again x x

Name: Adam Linsdell, Cambridge, England

Date: 29/7/12

Thank you very much for a brilliant holiday. I had a great time, riding in the french countryside and i enjoyed the canters and gallops lots. Food, wine and cheese are fab. People are very friendly and the horses are great. Top mark 100% I will hopefully be back soon, Thank you.

Name: Mika Leppakoski, Finland

Date: 24/7/12

Thank you for this amazing holiday. I learned alot of uphill, downhill, cantering and 'bottoms up!!' French lessons was also given, tres bien! Also i learned alot of british humour from Edwin Hong Kong. With the least experience I was the only survivor of the "Finish Cavalary"

Name: Peta and Edwin McAuley. Hong Kong

Date: 22/7/12

All the many superlatives are absolutely correct! In addition we should recognise the genorosity with which years of accumulated knowledge of the neighbourhood and horses are freely shared with the guests. Without this we would not be able to enjoy this little are of 'La France Profond'

Name: Julia, Hannah and Ruth

Date: 15/7/12

What can I say that hasn't already been said! Fab riding, fast canters, great horses and wonderful food - will be back!!

Name: Rosemary Vickers

Date: 26th June 2012

Just thought i'd send you a message to say Thank you. I had a lovely time and wish i hadn't had to come back home!! The horses were amazing and if i could fit Pembroke into my luggage i would of done, anyway hope all is well there and hopefully i will be able to come again soon and see you all. Miss it there already.

Name: Kathryn Mahony, Cheltenham

Date: 29/06/12

Thank you so much for a great holiday. Wonderful scenery and rides, great people and fantastic food. I particularly enjoyed riding the beautiful Cirrus and the cross country. I will hopefully be back soon, and will let all my friends know how great it is!!

Name: Andrea Stewart and David Clymo

Date: 27/6/12

Thank you for a fantastic holiday, one we will never forget and hopefully repeat. Food, staff, horses, dogs excellent! Hope to see you all soon. Love Andrea and David x x

Name: Andrea Pittaway and Nicola Youngs

Date: 24/6/12

Thank you all so much for a fantastic holiday - fabulous riding, beautiful scenery, wonderful food and you have all worked so hard to make us feel welcome and give us an excellent holiday. It has also been a delight to introduce Derek to a bit of page 3 insight!! Already planning our next trip.... see you soon. Nikki and Andrea x x x

Name: Jo and Simon Purdey

Date: 17/6/12

Wonderful people and brilliant horses. We've had an excellent time, sad to leave. Will keep in touch about new members of our family x x

Name: Tuanne

Date: 16th June 2012

Thank you for a wonderful week of riding and sunshine, your hospitality was superb and you run an excellent establishment and all your staff are a real credit to you. I felt very safe at all times and reassured under the excellent guidance of Chris and Derek. The pace was perfect and though steep and challenging in parts it was a fantastic experience! I felt i really came away with a better understanding of riding in different terrain, horses, tacking up etc so a great holiday and learning curve at the same time! Again a deep thank you to you and all your team, best wishes Tuanne x

Name: Kerryann Bacon

Date: 15/6/2012

Thank you all so much for a fantastic holiday - it couldn't have been any better! Look after Oracle for me and will see you all very soon! Kerryann x x

Name: Paula McQuade

Date: 15th June 2012


Had the best time ever - laughed and galloped my socks off. Horses and staff are all first class - will definately be back, Paula x x Derek - Thank you for allowing me to ride Pembroke x x

Name: Caitlin Smith

Date: 10.6.12


I dont think that i've ever laughed so much in my life. I've had such an amazing time and can't wait to come back!

Name: Katie Jones

Date: 9/6/12


Each time we come back its better. Thanks all for a fab time - will miss you alot but see you in October x x

Name: Dawn Jeffery

Date: 9/6/12


Thank you all for an amazing time 'again'!! see you in October with Love Dawn x x

Name: Kate Britton, Leicestershire

Date: 7/6/12


My first time - Wow amazing! Fabulous riding and horses. Loved Nino and Oracle. Favourite riade Claunhac picnic ride. Thank you Chris and Derek for the great riding and Anne, Ben, Emma and Karen for the lovely food and company will be back next year for sure.

Name: Sandy and Grizelda Cowan, Fife Scotland.

Date: 09.06.2012


I cant think of a better place to spend my 60th birthday. Thank you Anne and Derek for making it so special. Wonderful holiday - even for the non-rider! Thank you.

Name: Tina, Kathy and Gwyneth. Leicestershire.

Date: 09.06.2012


What a fabulous place - perfect holiday, will be back next year. Horses are fantastic confidence givers, Nelson is wonderful!

Name: Annelie Visser and Polly Rowell

Date: 27.05.2012


Baie dankie vir die beste vakansie ooit! Julle is Almal n fantastiese grap mense en jou perde Derek is absoluut puik! Dankie vir die heerlike kas Anne and Louise!!

Name: Tan, Aviv and Asif Feldman, Israel

Date: 23.05.2012


We got here without any experience in riding, we learnt alot, enjoyed every minute, the hospitalilty was great and the horses were wonderful. It's a pity that it's ending.......

Name: 10 Ladies from Finland!

Date: 17 - 20th May 2012


Thank you once again we really enjoyed ourselves! From Sanski, Virpi, Anne, Marjo, Kirsikka, Paivi, Sirpa, Marika, Sirpa and Paula.

Name: Jill Browne, Derbyshire

Date: 16th May 2012


Well what an amazing place!! Finally arrived for the best riding holiday ever! Perfect horses, fantastic countryside and the perfect people who put it all together! Thanks so much for a great holiday. Definately coming back!

Name: Caroline Williams, Bournemouth

Date: 16th May 2012


Had a great time thanks to all your hardwork to make everyones holiday special. You are all so friendly and helpful. Brill horses too and beautiful rides - loved the pace and I hope to come back and see you all again.

Name: Pauline and Colin Brown, Watford, Herts

Date: 6th - 13th May 2012


2nd Visit and got what we ordered - lovely riding, good food and wonderful weather. Made very welcome by all and if our age permits will definately be back in 2013.

Name: Jane and Steve Ship, Staines England

Date: 6th May 2012


I will never tire from this place! Discovering new rides everytime we come, (20 plus times now!) Not only amazing riding, food, company but Derek even manages to 'Storm Chase' and avoid the rain. LOVE IT!! XXX

Name: Nadine Quarterman

Date: 16th April 2012


I've left something behind..... Yes I've left my smile behind...... not sure where though, it could be in the field with the horses, on one of the many lovely rides or at the dinner table! Anyway just wanted to say thank you all for a fabulous week. I loved every minute especially the ones with the horses. Even the weather didn't dampen proceedings!

Name: Nicola Smith

Date: 15th April 2012


Dear Anne, Derek, Louise, Chris, Celine , Karen and Ben. Thank you for another fantastic holiday i really enjoyed myself. You always challange me to do that little bit more on a horse than i think i can. As always the food was great, i really think that you should have photos of it on the website. As i said French Riding Holidays is life enhancing you should be available on the NHS. I hope to see you all again soon, Best Wishes Nicola.

Name: Karina Larson, Denmark

Date: 14th April 2012


Dear Derek and Anne, Thank you so much for a lovely vacation. No wonder your guests keep coming back it's a wonderful place, lovely people, great atmosphere, great horses, nature, everything. I enjoyed every minute of it and i cant remember having ever felt so spoilt, happy and relaxed, so I definately have to come back too....

Name: Kerry Howard

Date: 20th March 2012


Bonjour! I have been back at work for half a day and already need to get the next dates in to come back to you. Half a day in the city and I'm weeping. Unbelievable. Everything is just always so wonderful - my Mom had such a lovely time too. You would be surprised by the amount the stories warped on the way home - there was no rain at all by the time we landed! Thank you so much anyway. It really was fantastic.

Name: Rachel and Rob

Date: 20th March 2012


Thank you so much for the best holiday ever, we are so sad to be back home, Anne and Louise we cant do up our trousers because of the superb food you have served us, we really must learn to say 'no more!' All of you make us feel so welcome every time we come, your horses are so beautiful and it is so clear how much you care for them and love them. Chris was amazingly calm and patient with 'Team Kerry' Thank you so much for looking after us. Only downside is Derek didn't allow us to keep Indiana and Kommodor !!! But Ryanair are very strict and they would be a bit of a squeeze in the hand luggage! Please, please save us a space to come back soon, Lots of Love Rachel and Rob x x x

Name: Dave and Suellen

Date: 20th March 2012


Just got back from a long weekend at Derek and Anne's and can honestly say it was one of the best weekends I have ever spent. I cannot fault anything. Derek and Anne and their staff are fab and so friendly, they really make you feel welcome. The accommodation is comfortable and clean and very homely and the food is just great. The horses are wonderful, and there is one for every rider no matter what your skill or experience... just trust Derek and he will find you your perfect horse. I had a flippin great time and will definitely be back!! Cheers Folks

Name: Julie and Kareena, Fife, Scotland

Date: 5th March 2012


Amazing and therapeutic experience from great riding to excellent company and food. Very challenging for a bit but learned loads and discovered a new found confidence. Booked already to go back!

Name: Georgia and Covi

Date: 05/01/2012


Dear Anne and Derek, Covi and I are back home safely and we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the both of you (and Ben and Chessie.....and the horses) for making our holiday so utterly wonderful. I think that we'll both be raving about it for quite some time - Covi was really quite upset to be leaving. Despite having some concerns before we arrived, I couldn't have felt more at home with you both - the food was delicious morning till night! And - as you know - your horses are just magnificent. Derek - you made me feel incredibly secure riding with you, and I entirely trusted the horses to keep Covi and myself out of any trouble. So thank you, thank you, thank you! With Lots of love from the two of us, Georgia and Covi x x x

Name: Carol Dobson, Ayrshire

Date: 11/01/2012


Dear Derek, Anne, and your lovely team, Thank you for our excellent holiday! In spite of the rain and mud, we had lovely fun rides and it made the dry spells and the stove all the more enjoyable. Wonderful food, wine and company, it was a great escape from the storms back home. I hope we have started a Hogmanay tradition of dancing and we would love to return one day, perhaps to enjoy the pool in warmer temperatures! Best Wishes, Carol and Sammi, Ayrshire, New Year 2012

Name: Jayne and Vanessa, England and France

Date: 7/11/11


Thanks for yet another great holiday, Derek, Anne and Louise. Every time its the best! Special thanks to Kirsten for keeping us amused and safe!!!

Name: Nadine, Wiltshire UK

Date: 28th October - 2nd Novemeber 2011


Dear Anne, Derek, Louise, Kirsten, doggies and horses. Thank you all for another fantastic holiday - please don't change anything this place is magical!! Happy Birthday for November Derek - great party!! Hope you don't have hangovers this morning.... And yes i think i love Cirrus more than Steve!! See you all again soon x x x x

Name: Elisa, Lotta & Ninna. Finland

Date: 10 - 15th October 2011


We cant really find the words to say how much we enjoyed our holiday. Thank you for letting us ride your beautiful horses, we will miss Maluga and Tiffany especially. If you ever want to visit Finland let us know.

Name: Chris and Gerry Green

Date: 30th September - 7th October 2011


What a fabulous way to celebrate our 30th; such wonderful horses, glorious scenery, great weather, exhilarating (if not, impromptu!) cross country and a lovely group of people to share the fun, food and chat. Thank you all for helping to make it such a memorable and relaxing week. We'll be back!

Name: Maggi and Ted Gudgion, Darlington (Again!)

Date: 25th - 30th Sept 2011


It just keeps getting better! Wonderful holiday. Brilliant horses - wonderful food - fantastic riding - good company - cant wait to come back. Roll on March 2012. Thank you all x x x

Name: Lesley Connor, Stockton on Tees

Date: 19th - 24th Sept 2011


A fantastic week, thank you. Lovely horses and riding. My riding and confidence has improved. Thank you all.

Name: Sue Price, Wistow N Yorks

Date: Sept 2011


Lovely food and scenery. Many thanks to Celine for the "Free Lessons"

Name: Jean, England

Date: 19th - 24th Sept 2011


A fabulous 5 days walking with Bertie and Dougie. Magnificent scenery, lovely food and great weather. The evenings were good too - great company!!

Name: Roger and Tricia Lewis

Date: 06/09/2011


Hello to all, We wish we were still there with you all as we enjoyed it so much, we feel that we got to be part of your large family over the week and coming away has left a big hole in our life. It was all so magical and relaxing and we sincerely hope that we can come back again soon.

Name: Lauren

Date: 05/09/2011


I just wanted to say Thank you SOOooooooooo much to all of you for making my time there so wonderful - the rides were amazing, the food was fabulous and i definitely want to come back soon. Thanks again, Lauren.

Name: Pam, Phil, Natasha and Olivia. Dubai

Date: 23/08/11


Sheer magic! Nothing can compare to that incredible thrill of swimming with horses. And what rides! Then to come back to the pool and delicious food and wine with great company. This definitely goes down as a holiday of a lifetime. Thanks guys!

Name: Caroline and Antonio, Spain

Date: 22/08/11


Had a lovely time, Thank you Derek, Anne, Louise and Chessie for absolutely everything! You are a lovely bunch and we hope to see you again!

Name: Rebecca Larson, Ukiah, California

Date: 20/08/11


Thank you all for a very wonderful holiday. I immensely enjoyed my stay and the riding was awesome. I hope to come back for a longer stay and perhaps my sisters in tow!

Name: Rob and Jackie

Date: 13/08/11


"HORSEUM TIME" 13 Glorious days! We wish all our dreams were as good as our days spent with you. Thank you very much for a wonderful holiday. X x

Name: The Wagners (Andrew, Carol, Alex and Maddie), Abu Dhabi

Date: 4/8/2011


It was a fantastic holiday! We had a brilliant time and all the horses were fantastic! Kommodor, Oracle, Nelson and Neige were all amazing and a huge thanks to all of you as well. We're looking forward to coming back next year! Thanks again everyone x x x

Name: Stephanie Wagner, Abu Dhabi

Date: 4/8/2011


I had a lovely time and can't wait to come back again, thank you soooo much for teaching me to ride! I loved riding River, i loved it so much that i'm going to continue with riding. Thank you!! xoxoxo

Name: Phil Roberts Tenterden, Kent

Date: 2/8/2011


My daughter said it all, when she's happy I'm relaxed, fantastic holiday. Thank you Derek & Anne

Name: Daisy-Anne Roberts

Date: 2nd August 2011


Oh my God, I can't believe I'm going already it's just gone so quickly! I love this place, in fact I want to work here but I can't for I am only 10! I'm going to miss every one sooo much. Thank you Derek you've been the best. Give Mithral the biggest hug in the world and the longest kiss in the world!!!! See you in Easter !

Name: Sophie Richardson

Date: 1st August 2011


Thanks for a really amazing week. I loved the food (thanks Anne & Louise), the tips and advice (thanks Derek, Lizzie, Ellie and Chris), the canters (thanks Mithral) and the wonderful company. What more can I ask for from a great holiday. Give Mithral and Neige loads of hugs and kisses from me and if I'm not back next year I will be another one! Lots more hugs and kisses Sophie xxx

Name: Katie Pritchard (Emily, Nicky & Steve)

Date: 31.7.2011


I am so upset to be leaving but we are all excited we will be returning. I loved evrything about the holiday...all the ponies have been great! I will miss all the staff they've been so helpful. See you ar Easter, Katie xxx

Name: Emily Boag (Nicky, Steve, Katie)

Date: 31.7.2011


I have loved everything about here so much! The week has been amazing, but sadly has flown by! The food, company, horses, pool, staff, rides can't be described in words! I have thoroughly loved my stay here, and as you know, it won't be my last!! The horses are great fun, especially Urricaine! Thanks to Derek he is now my favourite! Can't wait to see you all soon for another fab week! (Easter) Emily xxx P.S. I'll work on my leaning back for Derek x

Name: Sioned, Gareth, Cassie & erin, Ruthin N.Wales

Date: 27 July 2011


We have had a fantastic week. The horses are so good and we've had a few good gallops. The food is great and we all ate too much because it's too good! We will definitely be back. Lots of love, Sioned, Gareth, Cassie & Erin xxx

Name: Lottie

Date: 15th July 2011


To all the staff/friends thank you so much for having us. The past five days have been fab and we will come and visit again soon. The horses and hacks out are excellent and look forward to using the cross country course on our next visit. Much love Lottie xxx

Name: Lottie & Jo

Date: 15th July 2011


Thank you so much we have had such a wonderful time. We will be sure to come again, your hospitality has been fab. Horses, food and company great xx

Name: Gemma, Sarah & Sarah, London

Date: 8th -10th July


Thank you Derek, Anne & Louise. Food, wine and riding. Fab! Lovely to meet you all. Thanks a million . 'Oracle' you now have a fan club!!xx Kevin you're so funny!

Name: Patrick, Topsy, Eliza & Annabelle Wynn Jones, Ireland

Date: 29/6/11 - 6/7/11


Who needs the X factor when you guys have the 'WOW factor'! Just an all round first rate holiday - many thanks to all of you for making it that way!

Name: Mandy, Isle of Wight

Date: 5 July 2011


Fabulous week, wonderful company. Thanks for the generous sprinkling of magical fairy dust (for the second time!)

Name:Iona, Wales

Date: 29th June 2011


I've had a wonderful time! Great horses, food, hosts, & weather - what more could anyone ask for! Looking forward to returning - along with treatment plinth! x

Name: Martin and Louise Kimber

Date: 27.6.2011


Derek , Anne and all. Just a quick note to thank you for our wonderful week with you. We feel we were lucky with the weather which was superb. But pretty much everything else was thanks to you and the crew. This was our first riding holiday and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We were impressed with your efficiency and flexibility and the way you offered shorter rides if needed. The horses were superb which we expected but it was great to ride horses which were both dependable and responsive. The food was superb as were the 'staff' (who felt like friends after a day or so). We returned rested and look back on a super holiday, and forward to our next one with you. Best regards Louise and Martin

Name: Zoe & Kerry Howard

Date: 27.6.2011


Dear Anne, Derek, Louise, Celine and Chris. Thank you so much for a lovely holiday last week. Both Kez and myself are thoroughly miserable back at work and demand you send Nino and Nelson over to relieve our depression!! Failing that we will have to come again soon. We had such a lovely time riding your super horses in the gorgeous countryside, then eating all your yummy meals, we can't wait to book our next visit! Hopefully see you soon Love Zoe and Kerry x

Name:Anna Herbert

Date: 25.6.2011


Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for the best holiday! I really had such a wonderful time, you guys really do such a good job. The rides were brilliant and the food and hospitality were outstanding as always. It was the perfect escape! And I've made some new friends too. I am really looking forward to my next trip. Love Anna x

Name: Martin and Louise Kimber, Isle of Wight

Date: 15th June 2011


Highlight of the week - swimming with Fuego in the river! Bliss!! Thank you all for a great week - like staying in a gite with friends and they do all the work !

Name: Sari Saarela-Lantto, Espoo, Finland

Date: 28th May - 4th June


I had such a great riding vacation in Asprieres. Great horses, excellent rides in beautiful surroundings, delicious food, nice people and atmosphere and good relaxation. I learnt so much about horses from Derek, he truly knows and loves them, that is so awesome. I will definitely come back again, since I miss everything already..... Love, Sari

Name: Christine and Denise, East Grinstead

Date: 29th May - 3rd June 2011


Lovely horses, beautiful countryside and fantastic food - Thank you to Anne, Derek, Celine, Louise and Hannah, we have both learned alot.

Name: Katie Jones

Date: 25 - 29th May 2011


Lovely, lovely, lovely - 3rd time back - saving for my 4th. Each time I come I fall in love again (Indiana!)

Name: Caitlin Smith

Date: 25 - 29th May 2011


It was my first time here and definately wont be my last!! I enjoyed it so much, the food was amazing, the horses are beautiful, the hosts and company, all amazing!! Thank you for a brilliant 5 days and fantastic experience.

Name: Jayne Busow, Liverpool

Date: 21-28 May 2011


What a beautiful place with excellent hosts. Thank you Anne, Derek and Louise for a fabulous week with some excellent riding. I have learnt alot. Thank you Kym

Name: Jenny Hutchinson, Australia

Date: 21-26 May 2011


How wonderful that our five days was all your advertising promised and more! Great horses, wonderful rides, fabulous food, and best of all outstanding hosts. Thanks again to ypou all. We all three hope to come back.

Name: Beth Cookson, Australia

Date: 21-26 May 2011


A fantastic five days of lovely rides, great company & excellent hospitality.... thank you! I would return at any opportunity!

Name: Rachel Gordon, Australia

Date: 21-26 May 2011


Thank you for a fabulous 5 days. The memories will remain long after the groin strain has gone! So good to find out that french wine doesn't give you a hangover.....

Name: Maggi and Ted Gudgion, Darlington, County Durham, England

Date: 18th - 25th May 2011


Second visit - twice as good!! is that possible?? Cant wait for number 3. Thank you Derek your horses are amazing - we have both had a wonderful time, taking confidence and experience home with us. Celine also thanks for all the tips and for letting me ride Pamela, she is beautiful. Anne and Louise thanks for looking after us and feeding us soooo well x x x

Name: Aimee Lawrence

Date: 19th - 21st May 2011


Thank you for such a fantastic experience, I totally loved how we were all made to feel like a member of the FRH family from the minute we arrived. Yours is a unique experience that is not easy to come by. Thanks x

Name: Sanski, Virpi, Sannis, Pia, Piavi, Paula, Inca and Kirsikka (The Luggage Group!)

Date: 13th - 16th May 2011


Thank you for a splendid riding holiday! We enjoyed everything - the horses, trails, atmosphere, horsemanship, encouragement food and wine - and the finnish victory in the world championship ice hockey. MERCI! What a beautiful and peaceful farm you have - we slept and rested fully, going back to work now full of new energy. Special thanks for the great cantering/gallops

Name: Sanski

Date: 18th May 2011


We had just a fabulous riding holiday with you! A group of 8 ladies from Finland (with a lot of luggage) we were really impressed and enjoyed the horsemanship, horses, trails, food, and wine. Never thought we would do it but we already booked a slot for next year.....Thanks Derek, Anne, Maureen, Louise and Celine, see you next spring!

Name: Heather Patterson, Purley, Surrey

Date: 1-8 May 2011


Loved Epice, Mithral, and Kym. Fantastic time. Thank you Derek Anne and Louise for such a friendly and jolly welcome. Haven't ridden for years and absolutely loved this week. Only criticism it went way too fast! Will be back next year!

Name: Tina Kelly from Watford

Date: 1-8 May 2011


Absolutely fantastic - food, company, horses, scenery. Will be back next year x

Name: Pauline & Colin Brown, Walford, Herts

Date: 1-8 May 2011


Best riding holiday ever - shame have to start diet on return home because of wonderful food and drink

Name: Jill & Eric , Yorkshire

Date: 1st-8th May


Please do not change!!

Name: Maria

Date: May 2011


Heaven on horseback... from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, Anne Derek and Louise make you feel like part of the family. The food and accommodation are fabulous, the riding and scenery are stunning, and the horses are all a complete joy to spend time with. Derek is such a natural horseman, he gives even the most nervous beginner the confidence to progress and enjoy their holiday on horseback. Anne and Louise are the perfect hosts... no one will ever go hungry! See you again soon, Maria x

Name: Nadine and Maria. Wiltshire, UK

Date: 27th April - 2nd May 2011


Dear Anne, Derek and Louise. Thank you for another fantastic few days and seeing Steve's face at our surprise arrival was almost as good!! Wonderful horses - I'm in love with Cirrus, such a lovely sweet boy (Sorry Steve!!)Food and your hospitality second to none. Until next time, Thanks again Nadine and Maria x x P.S Thank you Mythral for that last flat out gallop!!

Name: Steve from Wiltshire (Again!)

Date: April 2011


Great riding, great views, fantastic food and very good company, even when your girlfriend turns up without telling you!! See you all again x x

Name: Amanda, Cheshire, UK

Date: 28th April 2011


On your first trip to French Riding Holidays my top tip to you is to put all your trust in Derek and Celine and you will have the most amazing time. They really are fantastic with the horses and have a great way of partnering rider and horse, pushing you and building your confidence - even if you are a beginner and you have a little wobble (or 3!!!) along the way. As for Anne and Louise - you're wonderful and i have loved spending time with you. I will be hugging and waving when i leave in the morning! Your cooking, chat, encouragement have been fantastic. Hope the chickens continue to provide joy (& eggs!) Thank you for the most amazing time. I really do think its the people that make this place so special - they bring out the best in people and animals!

Name: Vanessa

Date: April 2011


Sorry it has taken me so long to say it but THANK YOU for another lovely week! We really enjoyed it yet again, even the weather didn't spoil it for us ! We enjoyed the horses, the riding, the wonderful food and of course your company. Talk about feeling at home ! There aren't many places where I would sit down to dinner in my PJ's & ski socks !!!!!!! Hope the season goes well. Thanks again, xxx Vanessa xxx


Name: Pippa and Pennie Beresford, Somerset, England.

Date: April 2011


I visited with my 13 year old daughter Pennie early April 2011 after recommendation from my mother Gina who visited in 2010.  THREE generations from my family have now enjoyed the fantastic set up, warm hospitality and beautiful horses and countryside French Riding Holidays has to offer.  The accommodation was very cosy and we felt relaxed and welcome, the food ..... well now I have been completely spoilt! My daughter was close to tears when she had to say goodbye to the horses especially River her 'dream pony' The only reason I didn't crumble myself was because I know I WILL be back!!  Many Thanks to Derek, Anne and Louise and good luck for the future.

Name: Jayne Brawn

Date: April 2011


Anne and Derek, Again many thanks to you for your wonderful hospitality. Also Thanks to Louise, Chris and Celine as always the riding and food were exceptional. I especially enjoyed riding the new horses and this time added Cirrus, Indie and Fueago to my list!!! The highlight for me though, was having the pleasure of watching Derek break in Urricane. A very special moment! See you in November Jayne x

Name: Nadine and Steve

Date: January 2011


Dear Anne & Derek, Thank you for a fantastic week - can't think of a better start to the New year. Thanks too to your wonderful horses. Steve has learnt more in a few days here than the hours and hours he would have spent in a school!! We'll be back again... and again... and again!! Best wishes x

Name: Naria

Date: January 2011


Dear Anne & Derek, Thank you for a lovely 'New year' stay. Great food, riding and company. Best wishes xx

Name: Jone

Date: October 2010

Lugar maravilloso, para todos los amantes de los caballos es el lugar perfecto para disfrutar de los paisajes, galopes en libertad, saltos en libertad, la comida casera buenisima, y las personas que lo llevan son muy buena gente y te hacen disfrutar de una estancia inolvidable...

Name: Ramon

Date: October 2010

Inolvidable...Lo recomiendo a todos los amantes del caballo... Galopes interminables... cruzar rios... jugar al horse-ball... la comida excelente... Una maravilla !!

Name: Carol

Date: October 2010

Hemos pasado unos dias inolvidables con una gente encantadora, nos hemos sentido bien cuidados y como si estuvieramos en nuestra propia casa. Los caballos fenomenal... la comida deliciosa... el escenario irrepetible. Gracias a todos por vuestra hospitalidad...!

Name: Nicky Yetton

Date: October 2010


Wonderful time, thank you!

Name: Kumari Kaye

Date: October 2010


Thank you for a great holiday. Brilliant riding and company –loved having all the meals made!!

Name: Irene, Liz & Hans

Date: October 2010


Many thanks to you all for a wonderfully relaxing week, fantastic hospitality, great food and breath taking rides.  We’ll see you again soon!!  Lots of love, Irene, Liz & Hans.

Name: Carole Jackson

Date: October 2010


Thanks for a wonderful week.  Managed to pack 6 months experience into one week.  Horses are lovely.

Name: Debbie, Nigel, Chessie

Date: October 2010


We'll be back, thank you!

Name: Sarah & Scarlet Fairweather and Helen & Lucy James

Date: October 2010


Had an amazing time!  We don’t want to leave!  All of the riding has been indescribable and the horses are gorgeous especially Komodor, Nino and Kym.  Thanks very much, we’ll be back soon xxx

Name: Club Hipico Sierra Calderona

Date: October 2010

Nuestro grupo de 8 jinetes de la hipica lo hemos pasado fantastico junto con Derek y su equipo. Ha sido genial recorrer los campos del Aveyron en el sur de Francia, pero lo mejor de todo ha sido la entrega y gentileza y el habernos hecho sentir como en casa. Gracias, Derek y hasta la proxima...!!!

Thank you to the Club Hipico Sierra Calderona for bringing us our first Spanish guests. Despite the language barriers we have made new friends and look forward to their return.